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  • HELPING PETS IN NEED - The Junior Memorial Fund

    Lemon Bay Animal Hospital is proud to work closely with many Rescue Groups, Charlotte and Sarasota Animal Control, Animal Welfare League, The Venice Cat Coalition and Suncoast Humane Society.  Thanks also to the generosity of pet lovers in the Englewood Community we are able to further help injured strays and animals in need through our Junior Memorial Fund.  Donations are always welcome and most appreciated.

    The Story of the Junior Memorial Fund

    In 2006 a young man brought to us a beautiful young dog who had been hit bya car and left for dead.  He was severly injured and in need of intense medical care.  Our doctors immediately set to work stabilizing the dog and assessing his prognosis.  It was determined that the young man's quick actions getting him to the hospital resulted in a good chance of survival, but if the dog ever hoped to walk again he would need advanced orthopedic surgery.  

    The young man reached out to the community and pet lovers from everywhere responded with donations.  The dog was named "Junior" and his legacy lives on in the Junior Memorial Fund. 

  • JUNIOR'S ANGELS! (Pets Whom the Junior Fund has Helped)

    Thank you to the generous people of the Englewood Community for making a healthy and happy life possible for these cats and dogs and many others not pictured!


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